Competitive Intelligence Software


Gathering, filtering, categorizing, analyzing and visualizing Competitive Intelligence.

Miraintelligence™, is an specializaed CI and Innovation software developed by Miniera which offer advanced features for the most demanding organizations.


The Dashboard allows you to display information on a single page. It represents an interactive area where users can organize different types of information channels using tabs. The Dashboards are completely customizable.

Dashboards can be: country profiles, competitors reports, technology scorecards, etc.

Other Functions
  • Search engine
    It searches the information stored in the database of the software. The result displays a tag-cloud, area graphs and pie charts.

  • Full Text Scraping
    It represents a powerful algorithm which gathers the full text of news articles.

  • Translation
    It translates news text to the default language automatically.

  • Instant Translator
    It represents a specific feature which instantly translates the original information to the preferred language.

  • Trend Analysis
    Trends visualizes the frequency of a set of words over time. Using Trends Analysis, it is possible to analyze positive or negative messages, competitors, countries, business models, key words & concepts, etc.

  • Text Mining
    The software includes an intelligence classifications engine which adds any information to the predefined tags.

  • Shared Folder
    It allows the sharing of key information among users.

  • Forum
    A forum for discussing projects.

  • Comments
    Comments can be posted to any piece of information, which includes an indicator that shows the number of comments made by users. Comments can be also used to add a brief analysis or key suggestions.

  • Patent Pooling and Remove
    Patents can be gathered through several strategies (Tasks) and are grouped together into one list. Patents can be temporarily removed or completely eliminated from lists. The final lists of patents are shown in an information channel.

  • Highlighted Patent
    Patents can be highlighted and then published in an information channel.


MiraIntelligence™ and IntelligenceSuite® has an easy to use interface to analyze and display information and data.

The information analysis is performed by means of various functions. A Dashboard also serves as an analytical tool to display:

  • News: Analysis of word clouds, evolutionary, trends, etc.
  • Patents: Global Analysis, Evolutionary and correlations (or cooperation) between inventors, applicants, technologies and countries.
  • Trends: Analysis of a set of words and their frequency in the data.
  • Tweets: Global Analysis, Comparative tweets and networks that have been created on a topic. It also analyzes the tweets that have been evaluated.
  • Data Series: Time series analysis individual and geographical comparative with timeline.

It is possible to create personalized Dashboard analysis results.


IntelligenceSuite® y MiraIntelligence™ are integrated software applications that provide advanced features for monitoring, information crawling, and extracting data from the internet from a variety of sources, automatically. The software incorporates different robots for web automation:

  • RSSMonitor™ - Collecting news from a variety of sources.
  • PageMonitor™ - Monitoring web pages and extracting changes.
  • InfoExtractor™ - Extracting news directly from pages which do not provide RSS, using a scripting interface.
  • TwitterMonitor™ - Collecting tweets from specific Twitter accounts.
  • PatentMonitor™ - Collecting patents from 90+ countries (EPO and WIPO).
  • TweetsMonitor™ - Collecting tweets using Twitter advanced search option.
  • FacebookMonitor™ - Collecting posts or comments from Facebook™ (user data are also collected)

Our robots apply boolean filters (operators) and include a powerful algorithm that extracts the full text of news articles. The engines can be run on different schedules and categorize the information using text mining.


You can create multiple newsletters and share them with other users. The newsletter feature allows you organize news, patents, images, graphics, comments, etc. through a drag & drop function. You can also create sections, chapters, and images, making it simple to publish an organized newsletter.