Develop your Competitive Intelligence Function with us.

Miniera provides consulting services for managing the intelligence operation in your enterprise, by providing a suite of tools and specific solutions. Miniera can be considered a "boutique solutions" CI provider. We provide customized services and solutions for your organization. Miniera is specialized in two areas:

  • Competitive Intelligence and Technology Watch.

  • Strategy and Management.

Competitive Intelligence Function

The focus of this service is to help you build a Competitive Intelligence Function.

We base our process in the World-Class CI Function™ model which allows us to establish the right path for developing a personalized CI function within your organization. The model includes 49 key aspects that any organization needs to consider.

For a start-up function we provide a 5 step framework:

  1. Defining the project
  2. Needs analysis: Stakeholder interviews, expectations analysis, Benchmarking or Industry analysis.
  3. Design: defining the key operations
  4. Managing the function: coaching and piloting
  5. Feedback and adjustment

As a result of this framework, you will be able to run your initial CI operations independently without the need for external support.

Some examples of applications: PROSPECTA, footwear cluster (Mexico), BIDI-FAI Smart Building Competitive Intelligence Institute (Brazil), Observatorio Tecnológico IDITS Technological Institution (Argentina), Pharmaceutical Laboratory (Mexico).

Miniera can provide services aimed only to improve some particular aspects of your CI operations.