CI Software, Research, Building a CI function, Training & Education, and Outsourcing.

Miniera Intelligence is a set of services aimed at offering a complete and integrated competitive and business intelligence solution:

  • CI Software
    Invest in technology for improving your CI capabilities. Our software (IntelligenceSuite® available for license and/or MiraIntelligence™ available for subscription) allows you to monitor your key topics by using sources available on the web. It incorporates powerful filters, text mining for automatic categorization, algorithms for analyzing and extracting text, and a dashboard for disseminating the knowledge throughout your organization. The software represents a best in class solution which is utilized by: corporate enterprises, subject matter experts, clusters, government institutions, trade associations, and technology institutions. Learn More…

  • Primary and Secondary Research
    Miniera offers several research reports : competitors benchmarking (prices, technology, marketing strategies, etc.), industry trends identification and analysis, international market studies, clients or distributors identification, technology mapping, etc. Learn More…

  • Consulting: CI function
    Build your World-Class Competitive Intelligence Function™ from scratch. Miniera has developed a best in class methodology (World-Class CI Function™) which has been used by more than 400 international companies. Learn More…

  • Training and Education
    We are specialized in training CI practitioners. We provide online as well as company on-site workshops. We also transfer our knowledge to you, by coaching your firm in several CI functions. Learn More…

  • Outsourcing
    If you need help in gathering information or producing intelligence products in a systematic manner, then you can benefit from our outsourcing service. We provide CI services which can be in-sourced later when clients are ready to do so. Learn More…

Each of these Competitive Intelligence products & services are designed for:

  • Strategy: M&A, industry shifts, long term trends, key actors, etc.
  • Business Development: understanding new business, markets or models, international strategies.
  • Marketing: anticipating competitors moves, product portfolio, analyzing competitor's win/loss, applying intelligence event collection.
  • R&D: understanding and identifying emerging technology, competitor technology capabilities, new actors, applications, etc.
  • Investment Firms: strategic ventures, disruptive technologies, key trends, etc.
  • CI departments: accelerating CI process, reducing costs, building a world-class CI function, etc.