FoodWatcher (Chile)

Food Watcher is an online monitoring service for the food industry, created by the Intelligence Unit of Fundación Chile. The platform offers information about: technology innovation, consumer trends, legislation and regulations, national and international news, indicators, and other documents. It focuses on two main areas: Food Safety and Healthy Food.
Miniera has powered Food Watcher with itsCompetitive Intelligence platform "IntelligenceSuite" to capture, organize and disseminate key information. To access FoodWatcher see:

Observatorio Tecnológico IDITS (Mendoza, Argentina)

During may and November 2012 Miniera has trained the ** Technological Observatory of IDITS** ( team to build a Competitive intelligence process and apply several technology watching operations. The focus of the entire programs is supporting the IT sector with new and analyzed business and technological oriented information. The team also used our software "MiraIntelligence" for monitoring purpose.

Chilean Ministry of Agriculture (Santiago, Chile)

Agrimundo is a Competitive Intelligence platform build for the Oficina de Estudios y Políticas Agrarias (ODEPA) of the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture.

The platform uses our software "IntelligenceSuite" to

  • Monitor strategic environmental changes
  • Manage internal information
  • Analyze strategic indicators of several sectors

Link to the project page:

Prospecta (Mexico)

Prospecta is an Innovation center of the Footwear Mexico Cluster.

The work of Miniera started in late 2008 and the CI operations were ready in May 2009.
Among others, Miniera designed all the elements in order to build a complete Competitive intelligence Function. Prospecta monitors trends in in different key Markets, new Technology, fashion and Design.