Tech. Innovation

Solutions that support technological innovation through patent analysis and Scientific Literature monitoring.

Tech. Innovation represents a suite of solutions focused on technology innovation and developing Intellectual Property (IP) analysis.

  • ** Monitoring IP Information**
    IntelligenceSuite® monitors and collects patents (EPO and WIPO database) based on specific strategies and monitors scientific articles from open sources. Miniera offers an extensive list of technology focused sources such as: patents, legislation, standards, offer and demand projects marketplace, new materials, new products, scientific literature, presentations, concepts, etc.

  • Technological Intelligence Reports
    ** Tech. Innovation** offers a range of state of the art Technological Intelligence Reports and Technology Mapping. The reports incorporate global and evolutionary analysis, correlations between industry participants, countries, technologies, and applicants.

Technological Mapping

Technology Mapping analyzes one or more technologies and develops a state of the art analysis. The study uses many different sources such as patents, scientific literature, or the web.