Google Tools for Competitive Intelligence (2011-2012)

Open source and free tools available trough the internet are becoming popular nowadays. More and more people are getting familiar about the benefit of these tools. There is a significant increase of open source tools that make information available to a large number of professionals.
Google, like other leading internet companies, is offering a very large number of free tools?
However, how do information users? act with Google tools? In other words…

  • Are Information users aware of all theses tools and sources?
  • How are these tools utilized by Information users?
  • Which are the most useful with respect to Information Users?

These 3 questions motivated us to develop a survey with the aim of understanding more about this topic. From April to June 2011 we launched a survey with the objective of understanding how 24 free Google tools were used by information users. The study involved 466 professionals worldwide. The updated version (March 2012) can be downloaded from the following link.