Mapping & Anticipating the Competitive Landscape (2006)
Alessandro Comai and Joaquín Tena

Esta obra ofrece una nueva perspectiva al análisis estratégico del entorno clásico. En ella se crea un mapa del entorno competitivo donde los actores se convierten en fuentes principales para poder definir y anticipar los cambios y las tendencias de una industria. Asimismo, el modelo proporcionado por el libro establece la base para un sistema de alerta temprana…

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What specialized Magazines, Journals and Book reviewers say about our work:

"Cet ouvrage introduit une nouvelle perspective à l'analyse classique de l'environnement stratégique. il permet, entre autres, d'identifier les acteurs sources de changements radicaux au sin d'une organisation ainsi que les industries en devenir et de les cartographier. Le modèle ainsi proposé permet de mettre en œuvre un système d'alerte le plus précoce qui soit." Regards IE, Number 18 Jan/Feb. 2007

"Mapping and Anticipating the Competitive Landscape" is an useful and timely book. It is "aimed at experts as well as a wider audience interested in a practical approach to company management". It thrusts the reader into a world of uncertainty, ambiguity and change in which the analysis of past data may be more dangerous than the use of more intuitive approaches. These require human co-operation and a shared exploration of the unknown, guided as much by insight and experience as by structured analysis. When the view through your windscreen is limited by fog there is little value in focusing your eyes on the rear view mirror!" Adrian Davies, Book reviewer for Long Range Planning, 30th March 2007

"Mapping and Anticipating the Competitive Landscape is a different addition to the competitive intelligence literature. although it is short, it is well written and provides a surprisingly profound look at a spectrum of analytical issues." (John J. McGonagle, Competitive Intelligence Magazine, March-April 2007)