Competitive Intelligence in Spain: the best practices experience 2003 (Vitoria, España)
Ponente: Alessandro Comai


This paper will put forward the key findings of a survey on competitive intelligence operations in 9 Spanish best practice firms. Its main purpose is to examine the type of system these best practice companies apply when planning, gathering, analysing and distributing economic intelligence within their organization.

The main objective of the survey was to collect a significant amount of data in order to build a comparative model of best practice and to provide relevant clues for other Spanish companies in the early stages of CI program development.

Uncover Corporate Intelligence Hidden Needs (Tampere, Finlandia)

Tampere University of Technology

Allesandro Comai presentó el paper “Uncover Corporate Intelligence Hidden Needs” durante la conferencia internacionál EBRF en Tampere Finlandia (September,

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