Software for Technological Patent Intelligence
Alessandro Comai and Joaquín Tena

This report looks at the supply and demand of software aimed at exploiting patent systems. As we saw earlier in the bibliographical review, no study has een made of how patent users exploit and utilize software packages. In this report, we made our assessment on the basis of two separate studies using the same base structure. Our motives for carrying out this pioneering study can be summarized as follows:

  • Non-existence of exhaustive studies comparing computer applications for PA.
  • The lack of studies on the demand for software for patent analysis.
  • That is, the lack of awareness regarding the use of and the value attached to the characteristics provided by the producers of this type of computer application.
  • Non-existence of any comparison of applications together with a need expressed by users of said products.

To obtain an assessment of the magnitude and growth of the supply. We recorded over 21 applications existing in the market5, which in our opinion, is an extensive supply for this specialized field. Another trend which stands out is the increase, if only marginal, in the number of this type of application.

We are dealing with a wide range of available computer applications for PA. An application can have a very large number of functions. However, applications currently existing in the market include different groups of functions and it is, as a result, hard to make any kind of partial comparison of them. For this reason, we believe that it is necessary to standardize or have a uniform approach to the study of these applications in order to make the comparison valid.